Fun Trivia And Facts

U.S. Cranberries Fun Trivia & Facts


Here are some fun facts and trivia about your favourite superfruit – U.S. Cranberries.

  • U.S. Cranberries are approximately 90% water.
  • U.S. Cranberries are typically in season from October until December.
  • The name ‘Cranberry’ might have its origins in German and Dutch. These settlers thought that the cranberry plant resembled the head and neck of a crane, and thus named it a ‘crane-berry,’ eventually shortened to ‘cranberry.’
  • U.S. Cranberries thrive on low creeping bushes and shrubs. Bog conditions are perfect for cranberries.
  • Contrary to popular belief, U.S. Cranberries don’t grow in water, they float because the bogs are usually flooded at harvest time.
  • The reason U.S. Cranberries float on water is: they have small pockets where air seeps into that allows them to float.
  • U.S. Cranberries are much easier to get to when they float on top of the water. Berries that receive sunlight turn deep red when fully ripe. They have a higher concentration of antioxidants than cranberries that have had lower exposure to sunlight.
  • These antioxidants are the reason for the lovely deep red color of U.S. Cranberries.
  • U.S. Cranberries can be used as fabric dyes
  • U.S. Cranberries are one of the few fruits native to North America.
  • The 5 states known for growing cranberries are: Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Oregon, and Washington.
  • U.S. Cranberries were used by native Americans in the early 1500s, baking them into bread with a mixture of cornmeal and Maple syrup.
  • U.S. Cranberries have many health benefits such as preventing urinary tract infections, aiding in reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and helping slow down tumor progression.
  • U.S. Cranberries are also packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, dietary fiber, and Vitamin K. They contain anti-inflammatory and cancer-fighting properties.
  • Only about 5% of cranberries are sold fresh while the rest are turned into cranberry juice, sauce, etc.
  • One cup of cranberries is about 50 calories.