Uses of Cranberries

Food & Beverages

Low in calories and high in vitamins, U.S. Cranberries are ideal ingredients for your favorite baked goodies. You can add them recipes in cakes, muffins, cookie mixes or use them to garnish the frosting. Make a pulp of U.S Cranberries and mix it with the batter. Or better still, mix the pulp/juice in ganache and voila! You’ll have cranberry ganache!

Did you know that U.S. Cranberries can make your baked savories delish as well? Oven roast U.S. Cranberries with jalapeños and onions, after tossing with oil and sprinkling salt over them. Martha Stewart’s cranberry jelly leaves foodies wanting for more. If that is not enough, dish up savory cranberry and cheese tarts for a perfect snack with your evening tea.

Use OF Cranberries in Food & Beverages
Use of Cranberries in Beauty Products

Personal Care

Cranberries have taken over the beauty industry by storm and personal care has reached an altogether different level. In body washes, they have brought in hydration and anti-oxidant properties which replenish the wear and tear of the skin. They are suitable for all skin types, which works well for everybody.

Brands have introduced an entire range of beauty products from bath washes and body sprays to scrubs and lotions. Body polish and cranberry fragrance bottles get lapped up at stores and are a hit amongst all age groups. In soaps, scrubs and body polish, they act as excellent source of exfoliation. In overnight creams, they serve the purpose of keeping the skin moisturized. In lip and body butter again, they keep the skin moisturized and lush.

Those with colored hair are advised to use shampoo with cranberry oil as this ingredient helps the hair color stay vibrant. Cranberry seed oil is known to have excellent benefits for hair. It also acts as a great moisturizer for the skin. Loaded with Vitamin E, the oil has anti-ageing properties.


U.S. Cranberries serve as excellent source of nutraceutical which means they are a food which contains additives which aid better health. Cranberries are also helpful in preventing UTIs, as they have antibacterial properties. This red berry is versatile with its properties and is known to take care of your urinary tract’s health.

It also fights the bad bacteria, thus providing relief from gum diseases as well as stomach ulcers. For cardiovascular diseases as well, U.S. Cranberries can serve the purpose of fighting cholesterol oxidation. Studies have shown that cranberries have the relevant properties to help maintain cardiovascular health.