Cook with USCranberries, NewDelhi

Cook with USCranberries, NewDelhi

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Dates: December 9 2017

Venue: Defense Bakery, Kasturba Gandhi Marg, New Delhi

Campaign: #CookWithUSCranberries

Cranberry Marketing Committee (CMC) to organize one of the most exciting food events at the defense bakery. The objective behind executing this event is to communicate how users can cook various dishes using U.S.Cranberries and the health benefits attached to it. A team of professional chefs and bloggers to cover the event. Agenda:

  • Interaction with CMC
  • Chef special menus
  • Tailored recipes where Chef would be using American ingredients including U.S.Cranberries
  • Discussion with respective stakeholders and bloggers around the for possible ways to promote U.S. Cranberries in India

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